We bring together a group of data engineers to create a development environment in which data science may be done.

We obtain knowledge by building diverse data management environments and from clients' business know-how. We understand problems in the field, determine the appropriate solution to the problem, consider what form of data management environment should be prepared, and respond with the appropriate solution. In realizing this, we are able to provide an environment in which clients can perform data science.

Data engineer: a professional who works in collaboration with data scientists, supporting the utilization of large-scale data.

As society brims with big data, data engineers will play an important role in systems development. Data engineers are the unsung heroes who put in order and make available the data required for data scientists' analysis. KASUGAI, Inc. not only organizes data: we support our clients' businesses by building UIs that enable easy visualization of data and provide appropriate solutions to their problems.



    With the objective of data analysis, we possess the ability to collect, process, systematize, and manage data through use of our programming knowledge.

    Database (RDB, NoSQL) design and application

    In addition to RDB development, using SQL syntax, we develop without SQL, using NoSQL. We also have the capacity to develop using the latest database software, such as MongoDB, Memcached, Redis.

    Development Skill in Python, R, Java, Scala, etc.

    We develop using a variety of languages, ​​such as Python, which is often used in the development of machine learning applications, and R, which shows its strengths in data parsing and analysis.


    Building on our operational knowledge, we possess the inventiveness to enable us to devise creative ways to understand and utilize data.

    Data Extraction/Shaping/Visualization

    Enable data scientists to extract, process, shape and visualize required data via UI, then deliver on requirements.

    Constructing Infrastructure for the Realization of Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning (AI)

    Extract only necessary data from the data source, unify the format, and store it in another data infrastructure. We have the ability to construct systems for extraction, format unification, storage, etc. to meet clients' requirements.


    By grasping knowledge of the business and background of the issue, we have the capacity to both understand and solve our clients' problems.

    We Analyze, Then Deliver What Our Customers Really Need

    After understanding the flow of a customer's business, we bring to light any problems or issues, then propose only development that meets the needs of the user.

    High Communication Ability Enables Cooperation with Data Scientists

    Data engineers who are required to cooperate with data scientists from other organizations need high-level communication skills. KASUGAI, Inc. boasts engineers with these skills, who can further our clients' business smoothly.



Company Name: KASUGAI, Inc.
Address: 4C, No. 2 Daiwa Building, 1-24-9 Uchiyama, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 464-0075
Tel: 052-734-8157


KASUGAI, Inc. is a company with engineers at its heart.
We believe that no one individual is greater than another and that by prioritizing the value of the engineer we can offer a better environment.



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